The Normal

As what usually happens after a weather event, things have gotten back to normal for most of the state. Indeed things were bad for many, and still are for a few. Busted pipes are being repaired, the power is back on, temperatures are cooler than normal still, but the ice and snow is melting here in Southern Texas.

Our particular neighborhood handled the entire storm quite well. We checked in on each other, took care of each other, made sure there was plenty of water and food for everyone, shared laughs and drinks. The houses that had the generators gathered up the kids and had sleepovers for the night. There is a deep sense of community here and it shows.

I learned that am definitely not a pioneer woman who enjoys roughing it. I am spoiled and enjoy my morning coffee, favorite TV shows and a warm blanket at night. Though one day without heat and one day without water was stressful, it wasn’t the worst thing in the world, definitely not the hardest thing I have been through. It was nconvenient and extremely uncomfortable however.

In the meantime, the power grid in back and running, water has been restored to most, and damage is being repaired. We went from 1.2 million being without power Wednesday night, to only 30,00 the next morning. And that was before the grid was back up. I love my home state of Georgia, and Atlanta where I lived for almost 20 years, but they could not have brought that many people back on line in one night. And neither could many other towns – even the northern ones.

Yes, there are some things that could have been handled better, and no doubt those things will be fixed. But over all, the people have come together and come through. Because people here are tough, even when struggling. Mattress Mac, who made national news for opening up his furniture store and letting people stay there, sleep in his beds and use his furniture, opened up to people in need once again. “It’s Furniture, it’s meant to be used. The people aren’t going to hurt it. After everything is over we’ll just sell that furniture at a discount.” We love him and his wonderful generousity. He is truly a treasure.

A grocery store that lost power, told customers to leave without paying. No doubt this helped many people. And while stores, restaurants and business were closed, there was no looting. No stealing, or breaking in. There was no taking of anything, like we see in New York, Detroit, San Francisco and other cities across the U.S.

Because the people here are extremely generous. Which is why I believe that the leaders will not let Texas down. The issues will be rectified.

I love living in Texas. While no place it perfect, this place fits me just fine. #texasstrong