The Quiet Sacred

And to inspire to live quietly, to attend to your own matters, and work with your own hands. – 2 Thessalonians

A friend of mine recently posted this verse saying how much it struck a chord in her. And indeed in does within me as well. Both she and I love our lives, love the people in our lives and love making the people in our lives happy. For me that is tending to house and home. I love cooking delicious dishes and planting the garden. I love snuggling on the couch and watching movies, giggles over pizza and who gets the remote next.

I think there is value in hard work. There is a sacredness in using your hands to create what your heart intends, whether it be a meal, or a garden or a marriage or a family. It takes work and joyful dedication. And this year, that is what my life is about. To absolutely throw myself in the passions of my life.

When the world has seemingly gone crazy, as it has, sometimes the best thing to do is to be in constant conversation with your own life, making sure your time and energy is places in building what is most important.

A happy home, a warm kitchen with a fully stocked fridge, music playing whether by instruments or radio, laughter, warm hugs, slow dancing in the kitchen, long late night talks, sharing hope and secrets. Working hard at something that is worth it.

Life is short. And so many times we read about the celebration of it. But maybe it is the quiet times in the space between the second hand, and the moments between the raindrops, at home, holding hands, working, planting, making. And maybe we should be inspired by the sacred mystery of that.

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