The Cleaning

It’s that time of year again, the time of spring cleaning. Cleaning out the cobwebs of the past winter and making space for all of the wonderful that is coming. Today was vacuuming and mopping, dusting…leaving nothing but the gleam of clean behind.

There is something so magnificent about nesting, and making home, homey. It is a great feeling to walk in the house, and see, feel and smell the clean. I think it also makes us slow down a bit. We have to take time to do a good job and not miss any spots. And we might even have to put on some gloves and apply some elbow grease. But that’s OK, because cleaning is good for soul.

I say that because it is often rather cathartic to clean out the old, to make parts of our house and life, shine again, There is redemption in the cleansing. To make what is dingy shiny and desirable again. To polish it until a clear reflection can be seen. To start fresh.

And this seems to be the season for it. Indeed one of my best friends just moved into a new place, starting a new chapter after cleaning out the old husband who wasn’t really a husband at all. And she is happy in her new clean place, with her new shiny life. Redemption after spending ears trying to make ut work with an unwilling non partner who was wearing a ring.

Another dear friend is getting on a plane tomorrow to start a new chapter, all the way around the world. Almost a year in planning and getting ready, and he is off to a beautiful land with fresh opportunity. He went through, cleaned out and sold almost all of his things. Redemption after running miles to make this choice and to be free. And what will they find? What will any of us find after the cleaning? A lighter soul perhaps? A new path?

Maybe Spring cleaning feels so good because it parallels that we ourselves are cleansed of what we have done, and what we have left undone. Maybe we clean because deep down where it is dark and quiet in the middle of the night, we want to be new as well. Maybe we dust and vacuum and disinfect too because we want to wash away the mud of bad decisions, missteps and backfires. And maybe it is in the process of cleansing that we forgive ourselves of the very shortcomings that make us most human,

Life is short. So enjoy the clean.

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