The First 48

Every year I celebrate my birthday for the entire month of January. And this year is no different. But this year the celebration has been more intentional. And by that I mean I have been paying more attention to the little things, and taking the time to enjoy them fully.

The night before my birthday I sat down with a mug of my favorite hot tea, a wonderful journal and wrote down many things that I hope to come true. I sat and was so very thankful for this life, and this time. and this birthday, and this house, and this chance. This little life that I have been given and will make even better.

My actual birthday started with a wonderful dream of my parents smile and laughing. I slept late and woke up wonderfully wrapped up in warm blankets and many phone messages. The calls, text message and birthday wishes poured in and made my heart happy. No matter how far away I am from Georgia and my support system of love and family, they are never far away, not really. And they made me feel closer to them than ever. I enjoyed a delicious cup of coffee, one of the best cups I have ever had, so good that I had 2 cups.

And then I made time to do something that I usually don’t – I worked in the yard and the garden. I decided where the new gardens where going to be and set the borders. I cleared the vegetable garden to make room for the next planting. And I decided where Mom’s flowers where going to go next.

Next was a delicious lunch, one of my favorites that I made from scratch and savored every bite. Then a nap and then getting ready to be taken out for the best birthday dinner in many years. Indeed it did not disappoint. Delicious and tender fillet with an incredible sauce, coupled with a side of my favorite alfredo noodles. Chocolate mousse cake afterwards topped it off and made it perfect. Flowers waited at my door when I got home.

And a gift that was perfect, thoughtful and beautiful. A gift that matches everything about me and is proof that Wonderful is waiting. And this birthday is only the beginning.

Life is short. We should take time to truly appreciate the life we have been given. to truly celebrate even the most mundane of days. Because it is in the space between birthdays that we find and live life. zit is in between this year and that, in between breathes and raindrops that time stops and the magic begins. But you must be intentional in your noticing of it. And that is one of the most important things I have learned in the First 48.