The Brightest Goodbye

Everyone seems to talk about how horrible this year has been as many things that have happened. But this year has been great to me. This is the year that I changed my life. This is the year that I took charge and remembered who I am. This is the year that I took no prisoners and went on despite my fear.

I moved to another state, made this place my home, planted seeds and grew a garden. I met new people, made friends, and created a life here. This is the year that I prayed and learned about faith again. And I am learning the history because this is the year that I started a new spiritual path.

This has honestly been one of the best years of my life, mostly because, all because, I fell in love with my life again. I had an awakening of conscience and soul. And it has been glorious. There were other wonderful thing that happened as well, things that will never grace this forum, because they are too precious and wonderful and should ne protected from praying eyes. And I am protective and want to hold them sacred within me and my heart.

So when I say goodbye to this year, it will be with a wink and a smile. I make sure that memories are tucked deeply within my heart. And there is no doubt that my Joy Jar is full.

Life is short. And even the worst of years can be the best. And maybe that is the point. Maybe we are at our best when things to be at their worst. Maybe that is when we truly shine, because our humanity comes through. Actually, that is when our humanity shines the brightest. And that is what we should know when we say goodbye tonight, to the brightest parts of ourselves and of this year.