Between the Quiet and the Loud

“This dark and sleepy time perched on the edge of endings and beginnings, I love the deep feel of it. Somewhat sleepy, introspective, books and candles and quiet puttering. Leftover meals and little celebrations.

What will we let go of? What will we welcome? As the past year slips away and the new one unfolds. I am counting my blessings.” – Ada

I love the week between Christmas and New years. And maybe I love it right now more than I ever have. This Christmas was the best in may years. There were gifts and laughter and appreciation and love and friendship and sharing, and most of all, joy.

And now this week, the in between of it all feels beautiful and glorious. This quiet week to slow down, put everything away, clean up the wrapping paper and all the trappings of the celebration just passed, check the leftovers, clean the kitchen, wipe the counters, change the sheets and fold the laundry. It is the quiet merry making of taking care of a home and loved ones that makes this week beautiful, as we weave together and prepare the pieces of life and love that we tale with us into the new year.

For me this is a time to enjoy the natural slow down. It is time for me to enjoy the every day little things that make life, life. Things get so hectic around the holidays that we forget to breath. Even now. in our quarantine, our daily lives can get cluttered with homeschooling, cooking, cleaning and online-everything, that it is hard to remember to relax before bed. But this week it is built in.

So turn the phone off, put on your PJs and warm fuzzy socks, make some tea or sip some wine, and enjoy. Stream old favorite TV shows and enjoy that guilty pleasure. We only have a week before the world wakes up for the New Year.

Life is short. It’s easy to enjoy the party. But balance that with the quiet sleepy times too. Life will get hectic again soon enough. Until then, count your blessings, enjoy those around you, and snuggle by the fire. Sweet is the nectar that falls between the petals of the quiet and loud.