Hi Mam and Dad,

It’s hard to believe this is my 5th Christmas without you Mom, and the 4th without Dad. To think it has been that long since we stayed up night on Christmas Eve, wrapping gits, drinking wine and laughing. But I remember how special you made the holidays. It makes me sad to knw that they will never be the same, but the joy of those memories is such a gift. How wonderful you were to make memories like that. What a gift both of you were.

There are still moments, but mostly those memories make me happy, because you loved me so much.

This year there is much joy, more joy than there has been in many years. You would be proud of my life now, I think. And I think you like those who are around me. I know because you have shown up. There are things I want express, nut there are no words. That doesn’t matter though, because I know the two of you know and understand. And I know that you have welcomed the family members that have joined you this year.

There will never be a warmer hearth or a better cup of coffee than at your house, with you. No better smell or more comfortable bed, than at your house, with you guys. And no one who loved me more. But this new life, there are places that smell of love. That taste of delicious coffee and late night sessions of wrapping gifts. And wine, and laughter and playfulness and generosity. I am truly happy. I have finally rebuilt my life and replanted those roots.

Love you guys, and Merry Christmas. Thank you for being my angels.