The Giving Tree

There is a book that was published in 1964 by  Shel Silverstein titled The Giving tree. It is a well known children’s book and one of my favorites. another one of my favorite Giving trees is the Christmas Tree. I think of a Christmas Tree as a giving tree because it is where we place the presents that we are going to give. Plus, if you have a live tree, that tree gives itself to us for the purpose of being a Christmas tree (which is the subject of another children’s book.

The Christmas tree is up and the house is decorated. And this year there is so much to celebrate and to give. This is the happiest of holidays in many years. And the house looks as festive as I feel.

It has been a long time coming, indeed. I haven’t been this happy or excited about Christmas for at least 6 years. And now my heart if full and even overflows. I am happy.

Yes there are still moments of sadness and loss, or where I get discouraged, but this year is so much better than the last. This year, even with all of it’s challenges, has shown me that starting over can be the best and most beautiful thing you can do in life.

Life is short. Put up the tree, celebrate the holidays, and lvoe as much as you can.