Six Weeks a Lifetime

What a strange year this week has been.

This year has been a one for the history books in may ways. We have all learned that anything is possible. Murder hornets, 19+ hurricanes, pandemics, isolation, quarantine, Australian bushfires, protests for everything, strange elections, west coast fires. The loss of family members and even Alex Trebeck. I hope Betty White is safe, because we need her. And now everyone is putting up Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving – including me. It is now called the ThanksChristmas Tree. And it is hard when you cannot see friends and family.

I think we have all been left shaking our heads trying to figure out what just happened all year. The holidays are coming, and no one knows what to expect. Are we going to wake up to snow in the South, a heat wave up north and rain in the dessert? At this point no one would even bat a an. Just give the steak knives to who ever had that on their 202 Bingo Card.

So maybe this is the wrong year to stop sniffing glue. Or anything really. Our vices have helped us survive this year. Usually I think about what I want for the new year, but that is a bit hard when this year has been so…2020. But this is what I want:

To see my family and friends. It isn’t so much about travel as it is about seeing and hugging and being in the presence of those I love. To travel again. To laugh with my friends in a bar, or movie, or to explore the wonderful city where I live.

I do believe that we must concentrate on what we do have, and not what we don’t. There is much that is out of our control right now, but we can focus and what we can control. That gives a sense of nomality.

I can control how much I talk to my friends and family. I can still love them endlessly, laugh and cry with them. Share with them. I can cook wonderful meals, spend time talking to neighbors that those who live close. There are Christmas lights to see and gifts to buy and wrap. There are trips to plan for soon, when borders are back open. And there are still smiled to be seen, kisses, glasses of wine, great conversations and the ability to connect on a human level. Those are all things that we can control. Our mindset, our hearts, our willingness to still be there and share with others.

Life is short. And even in these times, we can do what we can to make the last 6 months of this crazy year the best that it has ever been. Because let’s face it, we are not alone. It has been crazy for everyone. So let’s have a big virtual party and gives ourselves a pat on the back. We’ve made it this far, and we are doing OK. So 2020, bring it. Because 2021 is going to be the year we all want, full of joy and happiness and hope. We just have to make it another 6 weeks in this lifetime of a year.

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