This has been quite a week in the history of my life. While things are going well for me personally, this past week had not been without emotional challenges. Coming to grips with a dear friend’s suicide attempt, finding out about the death of a family friend and then a dear persona’s sister passing. These situations are not easy. But we were never promised an easy life.

There have been strange dreams, a bit of crying and a general sense of uneasiness. and there has also been a lot of prayer – prayers for peace for those involved and loved ones. Prayers for my friend who thankfully was not successful in his attempt, prayers for strength and courage for my family friends in the loss of their father.

Indeed, it seems that the Grim reaper has been getting far too familiar with my friends. And I don’t like it. One thing a week like this past one does is remind you that life is short, so you must enjoy the time you have here, now. Say the things you need to say, take the risks and chances, and make sure to tell loved ones that you do love them,

And one other thing – take the time to enjoy the small, simple pleasures. It seems in the rush of our daily lives, trying to accomplish all of our gaols, we forget the simple things in life. A beautiful day, your favorite song on the radio, a conversation with a good friend…it could be anything, just as long as you take the time to breath it in and truly cherish that moment for the perfection that it is.

Tonight was just that. After such a week, I needed to replenish by slowing down and taking it all in. It started with a home cooked meal. I made simple creamy chicken and rice with grilled asparagus. There was eating outside to enjoy the lovely evening, and then enjoying one of my favorite TV shows afterwards whole snuggling with the kitties.

Sound boring? Yes, it was blissfully so. It was perfection.

Taking care of yourself and enjoying those small pleasures, is much needed. Especially during challenging times. It helps you reset and recharge, it helps you pray sna dslow down enough to hear God’s voice. And it simply helps you feel better.

Life is short. Enjoy the simple pleasures. They can make a tough time easier and a good day even better.