Excitement of Fall

It is no secret that this year has been a challenge for many. Between Covid, hurricanes, murder hornets, riots, dust storms spurring sand from the Sarah desert, to having to shelter in place and places being closed, we all wonder what each month might bring.

Right now, I am enjoying the fact that this month is bringing some cooler temperatures. It is the beginning of Fall – finally! This was my first Houston Summer and I have to say while it wasn’t that bad, I am ready for things to cool off a bit. I am ready to have my windows and doors open and having a break from high cooling bills. Sleeping with the windows open is an especially nice treat that I enjoy.

And the possibility of planting a fall and winter garden is tempting. The current garden is a bit of a mess and needs a bit of pruning and weeding. maybe a good restart as well.

Yes, there are adventures to be had this fall. New projects being started and new goals to reach. Fuzzy slippers to wear, with warm soft PJs and blankets. Nooks to read and write, and shows to watch.

This year may be a hard one, but we must work with what we are given. Even if you are not where you want to be, even if life is hard right now, work with what you have and make the most of it while you can.

Just how do we do that exactly? I find that being thankful is a start. Yes the cliché of an attitude of gratitude actually works. Because no matter how hard you have it, someone has it harder than you. If you don’t believe me, visit a hospital NICU or a nursing home. No matter what you are going through, it could always be worse, so be thankful that it is not.

Then you have to remind yourself that whatever the situation is, it is only temporary. It won’t be like this in 20 years, 10 years, 5 years…even one year. even 6 months. Then you decide what you can do about it to change it. Get a new job? Move to a new place? Go back to school? And you do it. Start making a plan. What if it is noth anything you can change at the moment? The you remind yourself that it’s only temporary and that each day you cannot change things brings you closer to the day that you can. And you work from there.

There may not be an easy fix for the hard times, but with perseverance you can turn that pain into power. And soon you will be celebrating and looking forward to the change of seasons as well.

Life is short. Play the hand you were given because you never know when you might be dealt an ace.

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