The Office Sweet Home

Working from home you need to have a great home office. And I always have. But until now I never used it. I would set up an office in a room, usually a spare bedroom, but would never use it. Until now. There is something very wonderful about the house where I love. It is open and has so much natural light pouring in.

The area outside of the master bedroom is where I have the home office, so the commute is quite short. The new desk came in and it’s perfect. Interesting freelance projects have been coming in and now there is a perfect place to writer away. A great desk, a comfortable massaging office chair, huge windows for sunlight, a comfy couch and a TV.

Everything is falling right into place and the office is one of my favorite places in the house. Maybe. My bedroom is too, with the wonderful adjustable bed, a sitting area and space for prayer and meditation. Then there is the kitchen that has room for friends and conversation while cooking. The lower bedroom, or “naproom,” as I call it, has the most comfortable space for napping and lounging. The family room is perfect for movies with friends and family. Or maybe the backyard is my favorite, with the plants and garden and grill and outside furniture that welcomes others to come and sit for a while. Soon the canopy and porch swing will be back up to compete the perfect.

When your entire house is your favorite room, and even the outside, then you know you are happy and exactly where you should be. This has been the perfect time to Nest, to make my home the safest place and sanctuary in the world. A place where my family and friends will come and be happy as well.

Life is short. You should have Peace in your home, and it should be the place where you go to recharge, to love, to make all those wonderful moments. After all it all starts at home.