Women Who Wear Pink Boas

“Women who wear pink boas and matching shoes don’t suffer hoes.” – Joe (dear Friend)

It usually hurts when you find out someone has cheated in a relationship. And then there are the times when it is a relief. It recently came out that an ex I dated cheated on me…for at least the last 6 months of our relationship, maybe more. And it all made sense. All of his baffling behavior and strange accusations against me, all of his suspicions were, in fact, because he was the one cheating and being dishonest. It explains why he crashed a date I was on after we broke up and tried to intimidate who I was with.

I have long said that those who are suspicions of others are guilty of that which they accuse. I even wrote about it at Suspicious People are not Honest So when the truth came out, like it always does, it was no surprise to me, but more of a relief. And I felt sorry for the poor girl who has him now, because as the old saying goes – “If he did it to me, he’ll do it to you.”

If someone cheats on you, raise your glass and wish them well. And when Karma catches up and pays them a visit, hopefully you will be lucky enough to be there to witness her in all her glory. Until then, live your life and have a fabulous happy time. They will HATE that, trust me. I wrote about that here: Life is Messy

Life is short. Don’t lament, just move on. And live your Best life. Karma will be be along to deal with them soon enough.

My messages to her (Because yes she reads here too): He started dating you while he was sleeping with me… You might want to talk with him about that. I don’t want anything from him, and do not want him back… but you should know who you are with. He cheated on both his ex-wives, and he cheated on me with you. Chances are he will do it to you too. He comes on strong, love bombs you and will sweep you off of your feet. He will spend a ton of money on you, then throw it up in your face later in a fight. He falls in love fast and it will be a wonderful whirlwind…until the party stops. He drinks almost a bottle of vodka or Makers Mark a night when alone. His ex wife and daughter have both talked to me about their concern for his drinking because he drinks like that while keeping his two boys. Woman to woman, be careful.

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