Spring Cleaning Up

It is in the summer, and yet there is cleaning to be done. And trip to take. For me, I always like to clean the house before leaving town, that way I return to a wonderful clean house and it feels so good. Think about it – when you come home form traveling, you are usually exhausted. The last think you want is to return home to laundry to do, a messy kitchen that needs to be cleans and floors that are dirty.

And so I went into a frenzy. The kitchen was cleaned and all surfaces were wiped down, as were all the cabinets and doors. The floors were swept, vacuumed and mopped. The bathrooms were scrubbed, the fans were cleaned off, everything was dusted and the baseboards cleaned as well. Yes the house was wpic and span.

But it took a while to do, and it took good old fashioned elbow grease. It took scrubbing, and bleach, and wiping, and sweating. Yes, it took work to gret it all done. And by the time I was finished, it was definately time for vacation.

Let’s be cleat, I do not enjoy cleaning – At. All. But I oh so enjoy the results. The house was clean, it smelled, it felt clean and it looked brighter. Which is good because scrubbing it hard work and I hate doing it.

But isn’t that the case with life? We have to put the work in if we are going to have the life and the dreams that we want. And that pertains to a job or career, a relationship, being in shape, getting a degree, whatever. Life is hard work. Yes, we should have fun and play hard as well, but make no mistake, life takes work. And it takes time.

Time is an extremely finite thing. Once gone we cannot get it back. It cannot be bought, bargained and stolen. It is what it is and that is it. So be purposeful on that which you spend your time. Make sure it is worthwhile. Make sure it is the job and career that you want, the relationship with the person you want and the life in general that you want. And if you are stuck in any of those that you d’t want – then make a change. The time is going to pass anyway, so we might as well.

So now I am at the beach, relaxing, playing hard after working hard. And when I get home, it will be nice and clean and wonderful. And I can start the next day fresh in mind and spirit.

Life is short. Work hard, play hard, and love hard, with all of you heart. Anything else is wasted time. Do the work and have the life and all the trappings that you want. But you must first do the work.

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