Away and From

Sometimes you just need an adventure to wash away the bitter taste of the world. – Anon

It’s summer. And while travel has been vastly interrupted, it it has not completely stopped. Indeed there is still a need for vacation. For relaxing, for clearing the mind and getting away from those responsibilities. And it doesn’t have to be far. Just Away. From everything.

And that is what this weekend is to me. It is away from my house, as wonderful as it is. there is always something to do, to clean, to organize, to write, to accomplish. Sometimes we need to accomplish play. We need to laugh, eat at a new place, walk down new streets where no one knows us. Yes, I may have moved to a new state and new neighborhood, but there is still a need for adventure, for stepping away from everyday life and playing. With nothing in front of me but all that I am not responsible for.

They say that people are happiest not with things, but with experiences. What fun it is to test that theory. And it does make sense – things cannot make you laugh, or give you good memories or even ensure a good life. But to travel. To be able to tell a story around a table to friends later. Or to a child or spouse while they listen and smile, well, that is priceless.

So never be afraid to venture away and from what is familiar. Always go and play for a bit. Whether you are alone, a couple or with a group, it makes life better in so many ways. It enriches us and makes us appreciate the world around us, the word past the horizon and over the mountains of our limited view. To learn, to see, to experience that Wanderlust. That is to live.

Life is short. Make it as rich, as amazing, as varied as possible. Make your life all the colors of the spectrum. Go far and away and from what you know to learn and grow and see.

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