Mish Mash

The Clean

It’s summer, in the middle of a pandemic, what are you going to do? Clean. I was too busy playing to do it in the Spring, now that it is 108 outside, my attention turns to the inside. Indeed there is dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and much, much more. It is in my nature to “nest” and make sure all is in orner on the inside.

And isn’t that the way it is with life as well? First we must make sure that we have everything in order inside ourselves. Let’s face it, it’s no fun being a hot mess everywhere, so might as well clean it all up. It’s a pandemic, what else have you got to do?

Yes, indeed, this is the perfect time to get yourself in order, inside and out. Things have slowed down, which gives time for those items that have been overlooked or put off in the rush of life.

And it is extremely cathartic to clean. It feels good to get out all of the trash and extraneous noise. To throw out what is no longer useful or serves us in our lives.

When we clean out the negative and useless, we make room for that which is much more bright and beneficial. We face our fears, conquer our demons. and come out stronger an better than before. Abd when we pray for the next that will come into our lives, we will have the emotional and mental bandwidth.

And so as I mop and dust and vacuum and clean baseboards (yes, the baseboards too), I also do a mental and emotional de-cluttering. I pray and think and organize my thoughts as I organize and clean out the cabinets.

We have all seen the show, at least one episode of Hoarders, and it is terrifying. What is even more terrifying is if we could see all the things that people (we) are holding onto emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. Imagine what a mess that is when you hang on to old hurts, resentments and anger. Have you ever met any one who is so bitter that you wonder what happened to them? That is because they are an emotional hoarder and they will not let go of all the pain, so it festers inside of them.

Life is short. Don’t be a hoarder. Do the Spring cleaning in the summer or winter or whenever things get a bit messy. We do clean our houses, why shouldn’t we do the same to ourselves? Life is too short to carry all of that anyway.