How to Enjoy Life During a Pandemic

“Don’t brood. Get on with living and loving. You don’t have forever.” – Leo Buscaglia

I have long said that in hard times we have a choice – let whatever it is be a ball and chain around our necks and drown, or use it as a stepping stone to rise above the noise. This is a choice we all have, we all possess the ability to make it.

In this day and age of social distancing, masks, pandemics, riots, politics and general craziness, do we actually have a choice? Yes we do. While no one’s life is perfect, and we may not be able to completely change our circumstance, we can chose to make the best of it. That may seem hard when we are in survival mode, trying to keep our head above water, but that may be the key to surviving with our sanity.

Many are going a bit stir crazy because travel and activities have been limited. Eating out, getting a hair cut, even going to see family, has been difficult, if not impossible depending on where and the health of those involved.

How do we stay sane, or even happy, during all that is going on in the world? First, turn off the news and step away from social media. Plug into what makes you smile, what gives you a thrill, what means the most to you.

Even in hard times, even when you are tired or missing those you love because of the virus, you can make a choice as to how your day is going to be. You can chose to seek out and enjoy those little perfect moments during the day. It could be a favorite song on the radio, talking to a good friend, watching a good movie or a favorite TV show, or simply unplugging from the news and digital life to get some peace and quiet. It could be cooking a good meal, planting a garden or enjoying a good glass of wine (or coffee). You can chose to make the best of it of current events, or not.

And the fact of the matter is that time is going to pass either way, so you might as well enjoy it.

I believe in the ingenuity and resilience of the human spirit. We have been given the power of reasoning, opposable thumbs and the ability to love. we can accomplish whatever we put our minds to. And if you decide to, you can find the best in each day, in each experience and even each moment. You can take this time, this break from rushing around, and find joy in the “new normal” until things go back to normal.

For me it has been time with visiting friends, laughing with neighbors and spending time with those special to me. It is reading, writing and dancing around the house to my favorite music. It is keeping up with the garden, finding delicious new places to eat (that are open here), and doing what I can to have fun in daily life. It is petting the cats, making plans for the future and thinking of doing PiYo. It is popcorn and movies, and naps, and video chats with friends. It’s being very aware of how fortunate and blessed I am, and making the most of every day.

It is mind over matter – it may be hard, but what our minds and hearts can do is much stronger. Baby steps are not hard if they are done one by one, until we have traveled thousands of miles with those little steps. So eat, drink and be merry. This is the only life you have, and it will be what is made if it. SO be determined to persevere, through viruses, through politics, through everything…because you can and you will.

Life is short. Put that ingenuity and imagination into finding the best in the day. If there isn’t much to work with, then create a world of your own, filled with whatever you like most – fresh flowers, good music, good food, whatever it is. Chose to enjoy the ride and watch how much fun the curves become.

“Better keep yourself clean and bright; you are the window through which you must see the world.” – George Bernard Shaw