It seems that I have not been writing as much. Maybe this is true. But I have been living a lot. And sometimes when you are busy living you don;t always have time to write. Indeed, there have been things I wanted to write down, even taken notes for later. And then the mood and inspiration passes. So it’s not so much writer’s block as it is living.

Is this a good thing? Yes and no. While it is good to live life, laugh, have fun and find the joy, especially in these times, it is also important to take time for what you love. It is important to take time for that creative part of yourself, those things that give life meaning and give you that spark.

Whether it is writing. playing music, painting, dancing, tending a garden or whatever, we must take the time to feed our creative parts. This is because what we enjoy doing is an integral part of us, our psyche and our personality. To cut that off to disconnect an important part of individuality.

Life is short. Always create in some way. Find ways to do what you love, even if time is short. Because ultimately it is.

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