In the Garden

We all have things that we do to help when our spirits are low. For me, there are several: wine, ice cream, dancing to loud music, putting the kitties, and working int he garden. After a tough week, I worked int he garden the last few days.

My Mom used to talk about how she loved working in the dirt, with the plants and how she felt closer to God and His Earth. I remember working int he garden with her as I would help string the beans, or weed, or put seeds in place. The work is slow, purposeful and methodical. And it that, I found comfort and peace. There is a process to life, to letting things develop, to planting and trusting God to make those seeds grow and blossom with the Sun.

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass the world is too full to talk about.” ― Rumi

In this day of viruses, masks, quarantine, political unrest, protests and social distancing, is it possible to find peace? Yes, I think so. I think we have to find that place deep within ourselves, the place that is only for us. And we must be still and quiet, and there peace will follow.

For me it helps to be in the garden, where I am reminded that even though you cannot see the growth and development, it is there. SO when I get discouraged with life, or family or anything, I am reminded that just because i cannot see the forward movement, does not mean it is missing. Sometimes positivity is slow, growth is slow, change is slow. And that is the way of life.

Life is short. Go work in your garden. Tend to your life, and watch the fruits of your labor blossom. And know that even when you cannot see the progress, you must still have faith, because it’s there, underneath the surface. And so it is with life – there is so much more than we can see.

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