Writing Prompts

Even the most prolific writers can have writers block. And as I was looking through a book store I found the perfect solution: 300 Writing Prompts. And as I looked through the pages I had to smile. So may little questions that could spawn a million writings.

Questions like: What keeps you smiling on the worst of days? (Usually copious amounts of wine. Seriously my faith and knowledge that even the worst is only temporary).

What is your defense mechanism? (You’ll have to know me better before I tell you that one.)

How far would you go to get what you want? (Depends, is a Klondike bar involved? Because I might do some sketchy things for one of those).

Any one of those questions could inspire a number of writings. Between stories, experiences, and thoughts, it is all a matter of point of view. 300 questions, and endless possibilities for answers.

So I closed my eyes, turned to a page in the book and pointed my finger. It landed on this question: Do you think Chivalry should be alive or dead and how does it make you feel?

I have very strong feelings about this. Chivalry should be alive and well, but it seems to be fighting for it’s last breath. Chivalry is an art. Opening doors, holding hands, checking the tire pressure or filling up the tank just because. All of these little acts and chivalry. All of them are small acta to show loce, kindness and respect.

Making sure that the doors are locked at night. Bringing flowers when you pick up your date, calling to ask her out, doing what you can to make her life easier in any way. That, to me, is chivalry. And it makes me feel wonderful.

Women are pretty simple really – treat us with respect and some romance and we will be yours forever. Every woman wants to feel adored and cherished. There, that’s it, that’s the secret. If a man makes me feel that way, my heart will be his. And most women are the same in that respect.

And it makes me smile. It makes me feel light headed and happy to be cherished and adored.

Life is short. Chivalry is not dead, it’s just pretty rare these days. So drink it up and appreciate it when you see it.

Until the next writing prompt…

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