The Day After

Many movies have been written about the day after…it just depends on what happened the day before that makes the story. For me, this time in this story, it is the day after the anniversary of four years. It has been a fantastic year so far, even with all the Covid craziness, which is why it caught me by surprise as to why that day was so hard.

But here it is the day after. And I feel good again. Back to myself. The weeks leading up to the anniversary are always a bit difficult as well because she was in the hospital for 16 days before. And each one of those days has a very specific and vivid memory attached.

But then that day passes, and life gets back to normal. The sun comes up, the birds sing, and life goes on, just as it did the day before and just as will will the next day after. And this is a blessing.

I think of a difference a day makes, as I am feeling back to happy and enjoying life today. And I think about where I was a year ago taking care of my alcoholic ex, making sure he went to his Dr’s appointment – cardiologist, counseling. primary care physician. Helping him look for houses and dealing with his crazy nanny situation.

Two years ago I was jumping out of a plane to make the second year Mom was gone. I figured it was good to celebrate it by going sky diving with a good friend. It was truly life changing and it time to do it agian. The year before that. which was the firt anniversary of her death, was miserable. Dad had passed 3 months earlier and I was still in the throws of active grief.

And now the 4th year is done. And that is the thing about life and death and any issue that we go through that leaves a scar – go through it. Feel what ever you feel and face it head only Otherwise you will e a shell of who yo were before because not dealing with it will wreak havoc until you do.

Life is short, too short to be tied down to things you haven’t dealt with yet. Sit down with your pain and confront it. That is the only way to get over it. Cry, scream, go a little crazy of you have to even. It’s OK. Because once it is out of your system, it’s done. And the day after is always filled with more chances for fresh starts that any of us can imagine.

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