The Bluff

We are all familiar with the poker face, the bluff.  You say you have the cards that you don’t, in hopes that the ones across the table will fold.  The game is based on first the cards and second, on being able to make sure no one can read your face. The last time I played Texas Hold’em, I won – cleaned out the table. And no, it wasn’t beginners luck either.

I am a pretty good judge of character, because I watch and listen to others. While it seems that I am playing, laughing and joking, I am also noticing little things…Little tells about the other person. I notice Little things in every day circumstances.  What do they look like then they are happy?  Sad? Angry? Upset? What about when they are lying? I watch others in every day life to learn the habits.

I do this not to expose others, but because it is only in the subtleties that you can truly learn someone for which you are. And that is the only way anyone will learn me. I am not one to wear my heart on my sleeve. To to know me, you must pay attention to little things. Only two men have ever been able to figure me out…a few seconds to tell how I feel, what kind of day I have had.

One thing is that I do not bluff. Ever. Because I am  horrible at it. We all must know our limitations. I can’t bluff, so I don’t.

I have an ex boyfriend who always used to tell me that he was in a relationship and seeing someone, even in love with them…when he wasn’t. He would later admit that he was seeing no one, and he lied about all of it. He would do this to punish me if I rejected him. This happened several times. And I could tell he was lying. He had certain”tells” and he would never offer proof. So I always knew he was lying.

That is the thing about poker and bluffing – you always have to show you hand. If you don’t, the house knows you never had a flush.

Life is short. Don’t bluff. And don’t trust others who never show proof. If they are not willing to show their cards, rest assured, whatever they say they have – whether a full house, or lots of money or even a new girlfriend – it’s a lie.

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