Not Much To say

A good friend mentioned that I have not been blogging much recently. They are correct. I suppose that there are a few reasons for this. First, it is amazing how shy I get when I know that certain ex’s are reading on a regular basis…and their daughter’s and ex wives. Just because this is a public forum, doesn’t mean I welcome all.

That and honestly, there is not much to say. It is hard to have adventures when everything is shut down with a mask over it. I have stopped watching the news except for what I need to know locally. Yes, I have joined the many who simply cannot stand all the divisiveness that is going on in the news.

So I am m also joining those who are simply gathering their things and “going home” so to speak. I want to be quiet right now. I am want enjoy the small things that can bring me joy, I want to have a large life, just not a loud one. I feel the need to be around love and kindness, especially this month, especially in the next few weeks.

So here I am, safe and sound, enjoying coffee in the mornings, a little wine in the evenings, watching TV, attempting to exercise and trying not to go stir crazy. Life is out there, but it is also all around.

Life is also short and delicate. Appreciate those who love you.

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