How to Gain 20 lbs in 10 Days

This is the title of a book one of my friends and I were think of writing after we spent 10 days eating and drinking our way around Houston and surrounding area. We both agree that it was worth it, and i regret nothing. As Julia Roberts says in “Eat, Pray, Love,” we will not regret enjoying life, we’ll just buy bigger pants.

And that is the thing about life, and about when a friend comes to visit, you must roll up your sleeves and have a good time. You must have fun while, when and where you can.

But in this day and age of protests, racial tension, quarantine and masks, is fun actually possible? Absolutely. If you are willing to adapt a bit.

My friend C and I wore our masks when needed, practiced social distancing while choosing places and activities that would be both fun and not crowded. The result was pure fun and adventure. and the need for bigger pants. The two of us found the best and strongest margaritas, the tastiest crawfish, the fantastic gumbo, great ice cream places, and more. No kind of food was off limits in our tasting of Houston.

We now know first hand why this wonderful city in Texas is said to have some of the best food int he country…because it does. And we tried to eat it all. OR as much as we could. Which is more than we both thought physically possible. But we laughed as the buttons on our pants got tight, and ordered another round of drinks.

Life is short and you only live once. Let’s face it, we can always lose the weight, or just stay in the larger pants. Either way we are happy. And you can never be too happy or have too much fun or make too many great memories. And that is how you gain 20 lbs in 10 days. Now excuse me while I change into my stretchy yoga pants.

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