The Appreciation

As I sit and message with a friend of mine about the goings on about our lives and how we feel. we are both tickled pink and ridiculously happy. But in this day and age of social distancing, quarantine, racial tension and pandemics, can we really be happy? Yes I think so.

It wasn’t so long ago that both my friend and I were not so happy. I was dealing with loss, grief and the handling of estates, and she a bad divorce. We were both in survival mode – that place you go mentally and emotionally to just get through the days without falling apart. When you are trying to keep your head above water, putting all of your effort into not going under, you do not have the energy to notice all the little things are appreciate them. It’s a shame because that is exactly when you need those little things the most.

When the dust settles and the smoke clears froom the emotional storms that have you doing everything not to sink, then you can see clearly. And when that happens you notice that which you were too busty to see before. You have new depth for appreciation and love, and you feel with a deeper sense of eomotion.

I thiknk that maybe that is why I appreciate the little things more now that I have come out of the other side of the bad times. It is like seeing everything in color again after only being able to se ein black and hwite. Everything is so much more beautiful than before. You appreciate beautiful days with great weather, or your favorite song on the radio, or your favoroe movie, or just fixing a delicious meal and sharing it with friends.

And it is the combination of all those little things in our lives that make it worth living. The big moments and events are few and far between, so if we can fill the space with all those perfect little moments then we can fill our lives with joy. We can find Peace in the un-still world, even if the news on TV is chaotic. We can find a deeper sense of purpose within our lives.

Life is short. Pay attention to the little, the small and the every day perfections in the world. And maybe than, in those microscopic miracles we can find the secret to life.

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