What Happiness Looks Like

I have been told recently that I am glowing and. My response to this wonderful compliment was that is is because I am happy. And it is true. If I am glowing, it is because happiness is overflowing from my heart to my complexion.

It has been 4 years this summer since my mother died. Since then I have seen the death of my father, friends and siblings, And the thing about death and grief is that is doesn’t get any easier just because you have lost many. And I have clawed my way out of the pits and depths of grief only to come out of the other side shiny, happy and feeling new.

And the best thing I ever did was pick up and move out of Georgia. Wonderful friends and remaining family supported and encouraged me. There were a few critics and one ex who talked everyone I moved to the new area for him, but I did not listen. Never listen to the critics. Those who truly love you and have your best interests at heart will support you when you truly need a new fresh start.

It’s not easy building a new life, rebuilding yourself from the inside out and starting fresh. It is scary, one of the most scary things that I have ever done. But also one of the most amazing, bad ass, totally crazy like a fox thing I have ever done as well. And the only question that I have for myself now, as I sit back and sip wine on the patio under the stars and sparkling candle light is – why didn’t I move to Texas sooner?

Technically I know that I waited until after all was settled with the estate. But if I knew then how happy I would be here, I would have packed up and moved December of 2018 and instead of waiting.

Is life perfect? No, but it’s close enough. I still need to lose that Quarantine 15,” still need to clean up the house, find my check book, and vacuum. Still have a ton of books to read and Cannot get a tan to save my life (of course I wouldn’t mind spending some serious time at the beach to try.

The pictures are hung, the books are almost all unpacked, my little vegetable garden is growing and the back yard looks like an oasis, a little slice of heaven. And there are some many comfy little places to escape and read, or nap. The upstairs couch, or downstairs couch, the amazing “beanbag” lounger that is stuffed with memory foam, the porch swing and a few over stuffed chairs placed around. There are friends who are coming to visits starting in just a week or so. There is exercising and getting back into shape.

And most of all there is love. There is love of my career, love of my home, love of my friends, love of my little life here int he big state of Texas. And in this moment I have everything for which I have prayed. Yes, I am finally happy. Blissfully, ridiculously, wonderfully happy. To the point that that I feel as if I will pop from joy. IT is truly magnificent.

The time of grief is over, and now it is time to live life to the fullest. And I cannot wait for what this summer has in store. I know that it will be amazing.

Life is short. Too short to spend another moment unhappy. So make the choice to be happy today and do whatever you need to do to be happy again. It isn’t easy. but it is worth.

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