Birthday Visits

They are one of the sweetest couples I know and we spent his birthday all together last year.  Then I lived in Atlanta and we hung out at the Battery, the new park for my home Team The Atlanta Braves. we all had a great time hanging out, laughing, drinking margaritas and going to see baseballs games.

And this year I was honored to spend birthday time with this couple again. We all drove to meet up in Dallas and it was so great to see them.  There was talking, laughing and catching up.

During this time of Quarantine and social distancing, most things were closed.  A few restaurants were open and we even found a honky tonk, and much fun was had. We went to see the monuments are learn the history of the JFK assassination. We saw the X’x on the street and 6th floor window from where the shot came and it was sobering.

We ate BBQ and practiced social distancing. We  went to the stadium that turned out to be closed, and went to gifts shops of places and took pictures.

But most of all is was great to all be together, to be with friends. It was great to laugh and toast and feel the love.

Life is short, and in this time of uncertainly, we can lean on each other still.  We can find comfort in our friends, because the love of friends don’t change.  Jobs come and go, houses, cars, even relationships come and go….but friendships, last. Because in friendship we build trust, we get to know each other, we grow together. we laugh, we learn and we love deeply. My friends are my heart and mean more to me than anything.

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