A Beautiful Friendship

It is the official start of summer, and you can feel it in the air.  Even in a time of pandemic, masks and social distancing, you can feel the excitement of summer in the air as people take a collective sigh and look forward to warmer weather, laying out int he sun, cooking out and enjoying life a bit more.  There will be good food, grilling, boating, laughing, and loving of life. I am hoping there will be a drive in movie or two. It is summer after all.

There is an electricity in the air that is exclusively summer. You can feel it, hear it, taste it, smell it.  It is the promise of fun as the release of all that has been weighing us down. It is the promise of shorts and summer movies and ice cream and smiles and romance.

And this past weekend I had the pleasure of starting my summer as well.  It was a great mixture of spending time with friends and those I enjoy most, as well as some time alone.  It was the perfect mixture of hot and sunny and cooler with some storms. and in that mix, the patio was finally completed. My plants are done, the vegetable garden is complete, the porch swing is up and the grill is set up.

It was time for me to try out the grill. A simple hamburger for the first venture. As a complete klutz, I have found it is better to start out small when you don’t know what you are doing, especially when sharp objects or highly flammable material is involved. I wasn’t even sure know to hook up the gas. As with many risks that have been taken in my life, I said a prayer and thought this will either be a great idea, or an epic fail…and I will singe my eye browse.

The result was not bad. There were no explosions and my eye browse are still in tact. This is the start of a beautiful friendship with Gus (my grill). I look forward to many more grilling adventures together.



What have you done. what life have you build for yourself?



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