May the Fun be With You

When we are children, out lives are all about fun. Playing, having fun, being fun, having fun friends and fun times. And then we grow up. We become adults and all of the sudden, that fun just disappears in the world of bills, children, responsibility, jobs, and just life in general. we have too many meetings and long to do lists to even think of having fun. Or do we?

This “time of the virus” as I like to call it, has caused us to slow down. No longer are we rushing to get the kids off to school, then hurry up to drive ourselves to the office, via rush hour traffic. No longer are we trying to pick the kids up, speed then to practice, grabbing a burger on the way, only to get home at 10pm, with laundry, work and a school project due tomorrow that you just found out about.

No, right now, it is all about staying in and being close to those only in your house. So we have been forced to slow down and spend time together. Talking to each other, learning about each other, laughing with each other, again. An din that process we have found…FUN.

And when we cannot find it. we can make it. People are getting creative with quarantine and social distancing. Because like it or not, we need fun, we need stimulation, we need something to occupy our minds and challenge us. We cannot just sit there all night and drink (unless you are my alcoholic ex…).

We have all met those people who are negative and miserable. They hardly ever smile and you wonder what in the world happened to them to make them so…miserable and UN-fun. They are the ones who such the life out of any room or situation. Don;t be like that. Find the fun, find a way to laugh, even when things are hard. It will get you through many dark times.

So, in my time to find fun, I went to the one place I knew I could find it: Amazon. And it did not disappoint. A few dollars, and 4 wigs later, I was smiling. After adding bunny ears, a pair of car ears and a tiara to the order, I was grinning form ear to ear. And they came today, along with the new, fast, sleek, bad ass computer. Oh yessssssssssss…..

In this day and age, in the time of the virus, and uncertainty and stress, we must create our own fun and creative outlets. So, if I must do housework, then I shall it while wearing bunny ears. I can garden in my tiara and vacuum in an evening gown, long red hair and maybe some cat ears. I am wearing the tiara now as I type, and I must say, it makes everything fabulous. I wore the bunny ears when I set up the new laptop. And I wore the cat ears when I danced around the house and did the dishes.

Life is short. Be silly. Be spontaneous. Have fun. Wear the tiara.

(No make up tiara selfie)

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