May the Fun be With You

When we are children, out lives are all about fun. Playing, having fun, being fun, having fun friends and fun times. And then we grow up. We become adults and all of the sudden, that fun just disappears in the world of bills, children, responsibility, jobs, and just life in general. we have too many meetings and long to do lists to even think of having fun. Or do we?

This “time of the virus” as I like to call it, has caused us to slow down. No longer are we rushing to get the kids off to school, then hurry up to drive ourselves to the office, via rush hour traffic. No longer are we trying to pick the kids up, speed then to practice, grabbing a burger on the way, only to get home at 10pm, with laundry, work and a school project due tomorrow that you just found out about.

No, right now, it is all about staying in and being close to those only in your house. So we have been forced to slow down and spend time together. Talking to each other, learning about each other, laughing with each other, again. An din that process we have found…FUN.

And when we cannot find it. we can make it. People are getting creative with quarantine and social distancing. Because like it or not, we need fun, we need stimulation, we need something to occupy our minds and challenge us. We cannot just sit there all night and drink (unless you are my alcoholic ex…).

We have all met those people who are negative and miserable. They hardly ever smile and you wonder what in the world happened to them to make them so…miserable and UN-fun. They are the ones who such the life out of any room or situation. Don;t be like that. Find the fun, find a way to laugh, even when things are hard. It will get you through many dark times.

So, in my time to find fun, I went to the one place I knew I could find it: Amazon. And it did not disappoint. A few dollars, and 4 wigs later, I was smiling. After adding bunny ears, a pair of car ears and a tiara to the order, I was grinning form ear to ear. And they came today, along with the new, fast, sleek, bad ass computer. Oh yessssssssssss…..

In this day and age, in the time of the virus, and uncertainty and stress, we must create our own fun and creative outlets. So, if I must do housework, then I shall it while wearing bunny ears. I can garden in my tiara and vacuum in an evening gown, long red hair and maybe some cat ears. I am wearing the tiara now as I type, and I must say, it makes everything fabulous. I wore the bunny ears when I set up the new laptop. And I wore the cat ears when I danced around the house and did the dishes.

Life is short. Be silly. Be spontaneous. Have fun. Wear the tiara.

(No make up tiara selfie)

To Love

To Love one’s life is sometimes a lifelong Pursuit. Much like the pursuit of happiness, it can prove elusive to some people. But no matter how happy we are, no matter how great our life is, we all go through tough times and bad spots. At some point in all of our Lives we’ll all experience having a broken heart, grief, depression, anger, and many other emotions completely relevant to The Human Condition.

And most of us will get through those bad times, those valleys in between the Peaks. And it is from one of those Peaks which I right now. As I am absolutely totally blissful. It is something that is beyond happy, and it is something that can only come after the depth and pits of despair.

I love my life. I have finally created the life that I wanted. I left Atlanta and now, within, 3 months, I have everything that I’ve worked so hard to obtain. Too hard work, many tears, even more prayers, and a lot of faith, I’m finally here.

I have new friends, new furniture, a new place and making a home. I have made a vegetable garden and flower garden to share and I have met wonderful Neighbors.

After a hard few years, I have a clear conscience, a set mind, a happy heart, a prayer on my lips, and thankfulness in my soul.

If you’re not happy with your life, if you are not happy with where you are or what you’re doing, make a change. I moved to Texas, and in a short period of time I’ve created the life I always wanted. I’m successful, I’m happy, and life is beautiful. And I did it all without the help of my ex-boyfriend. Even though he still tells everyone that I moved here for him, he had nothing to do with my happiness or my success. Something he absolutely cannot stand.

And that’s the thing about people who are miserable within themselves in their own lives. They can’t stand when other people are happy without them, or in spite of them. So don’t worry about those people who refuse to cheer you on. Don’t worry about those who talk bad about you after you leave. They are of no significance to you or your life, and soon they will just be a name that you barely remember. Instead focusing on your life and what you want and what will make you happy.

Life is short. Far too short to be miserable or to be around miserable negative people. Everything you want is on the other side of fear. So make the move, make the change, and reap the benefits of the life you’ve always wanted to create. Our lives are ours to make, and we can make our lives the wonderful amazing novels that they were meant to be. We just have to love ourselves enough to do it.

Musical Number

In life we must always remain curious, we must never stop learning. Always look around and ask questions and try new things. Because when we stop learning is when we become stagnant. When we become stagnant, that is when we stop growing. And to stop growing is to die. So we must always remain curious about the world around us and always try to have fun with it.

And so it is in this spirit that I’m picking up musical instruments again. Indeed my piano is sitting in my living room, and there is a guitar in one of the spare bedrooms. I used to play both and even the drums when I was younger. Recently I played around with the drums and even a little bit with the guitar again, and I think I’m hooked. And so it is that I have decided to learn the piano again, drag out that guitar and even consider a drum set.

A good friend and I have recently started exchanging videos of a singing. It could be anything from spiritual songs to silly songs to pop or anything else that we decide on. The point is is to just have fun and entertaining each other during this time of quarantine and social distancing. Again the theme is to be curious, and to try new things, and stretch yourself, and most of all, to have fun.

Indeed once the vegetable and flower gardens are complete, and the house is very nearly unpacked, I will need something else to keep my time along with reading more and writing my book. And having fun with instruments seems to be the next logical step.

And so I go, singing, playing, and having fun. I’m being ever curious and open to new things.

Life is short, so always be curious. Drink life in with enthusiasm and willingness to learn. If we Embrace these qualities no doubt we will soon develop an absolute passion for life.

Dating ‘Rona

These are challenging times with the coronavirus. Social distancing, quarantine, wearing masks, it’s just all a mess. You would think that dating would be impossible during this time. Not so!

I moved to this new and wonderful City beginning of February. By mid March or so everything was starting to shut down because of the virus. Luckily enough, I started dating someone right before the virus hit and things shut down.

You may be wondering why this may be the perfect time to date someone when you can’t go anywhere, or actually do anything. But that is precisely why it is exactly the best time to date and get to know someone. This is because you’re not distracted by the Pomp and Circumstance of dating. You’re not distracted by the wining and dining. You are truly able to hang out and just get to know the person without any pressure.

In my last relationship for example, the man that I was dating lived in another state. He would fly in we would have a whirlwind weekend, and then he would leave. And I would fly up to see him. And we took lots of trips together and went to fancy restaurants. And while that kind of Whirlwind romance may sound fun and amazing, it also hid a lot of red flags. Because we were so busy doing that we were always on “vacation time” so to speak. By the time things slowed down, and we really started to get to know each other, there were horrible issues that caused irreparable damage. For instance, this man was a horrible alcoholic, but because we were always out and about traveling, it just seemed like part of the Whirlwind.

When you slow things down and you’re not moving at Whirlwind pace, you have a more solid, calm, and natural relationship. You get to know this other person in their natural habitat. When the choices of where to go are “my kitchen or yours,” and the movie selection is what’s on prime or Netflix, then the conversation is easy. And so is getting to know that person beyond all the Flash. You are not on vacation time, you’re on real time in the real world. You get to see who and what this person is more in their daily life, rather than the Glamorous Whirlwind life that they first present to you.

Everyone has heard the saying that we’re all on our best behavior when they first start dating. Comedians have even joked that you’re not really dating that person when you first start, you’re dating the representative. Dating in the time of the virus, when you can’t go to restaurants or fly off to this island or that City, you have no choice but to sit face-to-face and get to know the person, No Frills, and no Whirlwind.

And to me that is far better than all the glamour, all the Whirlwind, and all the fakeness. Truth be told, a calm stable relationship is far better than the emotional rollercoaster any day. Getting to know someone without all the distractions truly creates the foundation on which something more can be built. Because all of the irrelevant white noise is removed and you get to know who and what they really are, not who and what they want you to think they are.

Life is short, too short to be fooled by presentation. Choose the substance instead. While the Whirlwind larger-than-life romance might sound fun, it is nothing on which to build anything long-term, because it is completely unstable and not conducive to a healthy lifestyle. It is building a mansion on quicksand. And in the end that quicksand will consume everything, all the energy, all the effort, all the emotion, all the substance that you try to create and work so hard to build. Go for the stable and go for the substance, and build a on a firm foundation for life.

Safe and Sound

We all want things in life. And one of the most pure and beautiful things is to sleep like you did when you were a child. To be able to sleep with such peace and such clarity and to be so relaxed and safe that you can sleep as if you don’t have a single care in the world because you don’t. To sleep so soundly and so deeply because you know there is nothing on the planet or in the universe that could harm you. In that moment you trust the world and everything in it so completely all the walls are down and all the defenses are going and the only thing left is rest.

There’s a place we don’t often get to as adults. Even deep down the witching hour, whete the soul in the heart Converse and intertwine. Indeed those are usually when the monsters and the demons come out. Indeed even if our surroundings are safe, sometimes it’s our own insides and our own conscience and our own demons deep within that keep us from sleeping well. To be free of those as well, is to be truly at peace.

And how many people can truly say that they sleep well at night, that’s safe and that sound and that peaceful? How many people can truly trust the outside as well as the inside? How many people can truly say that they’re not fearful of the world within their own minds and their own Hearts?

This past week I had the experience of sleeping so soundly and so peacefully I can only say I finally was able to sleep as I did as a child. Just like I was a little girl safe in my parents house, with all my innocence and Hope intact. Before my heart was ever broken, before any tears were cried, before I was ever disappointed by anything at all. I slept as I did when I only knew love and happiness and life was perfection. This weekend I slept once again as if nothing and no one in the world could ever harm me. I slept again as if I were so safe, there were no walls needed, much less Armour or any sense.

And when I woke up, the sleep was so sound hours had passed just like 5 minutes. And yet I woke up refreshed, happy, rested and completely relaxed. Indeed after years of dealing with death and drama, finally balance has been sustained. Balance to the point of such peace that complete an utter rest as possible.

And when you rest like a child it’s not just sleeping, it is so much more. It’s when the heart and the soul and the mind and all the emotions of Being Human are finally at peace as well. And the demons dare not go because they don’t exist anymore.

Indeed I have fought well tooth & Nail over the last few years. Deeling with drama and family and death and more drama and other people’s situations, and hatred and anger and having my heart broken, and loss and grief. Yes I have fought all of those demons and won. And now I can truly rest,bfrom my soul to my heart amd back,again. It is the rest that only comes from being safe. And for the first time in many years oh, I was safe. And that moment, and that bad, and that house, I was completely and utterly safe and protected.

And something beautiful and amazing happens when you are able to get that kind of rest with that kind of peace. It is an Indescribable feeling that comes over you, and a happiness that is beyond Joy. It is a place from which love can truly flow. It doesn’t mean that life is perfect, or that there can’t be improvements. It just means you are so truly happy and blessed Where You Are that wherever you go next will be just fine. And you are safe in the knowledge and it will all be okay, because it already is.

And so I move forward, and this new place of peace, light, and contentment. But most of all, a peace that pierces the soul as nothing else can. A peace that envelops you and wraps you up like a warm blanket on a cold Winter’s Night. And all I can do is drop to my knees and thank God.

Life is short. And when you find that you are able to finally sleep and rest in the truest form, that is when you know it is truly a life well-lived and well-loved. I’ve often said that which gives us peace will make us happy. I’m here to tell you now that’s the absolute truth.