Better Than Gold

There are some things that are better and more valuable than gold. There are things for important than,money, abition and career. There are some things that will make you happier than a Mercedes or new truck, or a plethera of new toys. What are they?

Respect, kindness, affection, love, compassion, empathy, patience, understanding, peace, and passion just to name a few. And men, you better have more than money to offer a woman if you expect her to stay with you.

I say this because I have dated rich men, and I have dated poor men, and all levels in between. The best men were the ones who did not depend on their money. Let’s face it, any asshole can make money, but how many men can truly make a happy home? That takes a different kind of effort, and without it, relationsips will fail.

This past weekend was an example of the kind of effort it takes to make a relationship work. And it was wonderful. To matter, to be important and to be treated with kindness is priceless.

Ladies, never settle for being treated bad because a guy has money. It’s not worth the trouble. My last ex was always suspicious, always picking fights and questioning me over paranoid fears in his own mind. Truth is it didn’t matter what I did or didn’t do, because he already had his mind made up about it. The experience was terrible. 

But because he made a good salary, he thought that he could treat me anyway he wanted to and that I should be happy that he was just blessing me with his presence. He thought that having money was enough to justify lowering myself to the position of his emotional punching bag, taking all of his anger and frustration from his life out on me He was very wrong.

Bottom line is is it takes more than money to keep a real woman. There must be a partnership. It has to be reciprocation. There must be kindness and empathy and understanding. There must be laughter. And I must be those things when you’re sober as well. So men don’t think that just because you have some money that a woman owes you anything. You have to make sure that you are worthy of her, time her effort, and her affection regardless of how much money you have. And if you’re not willing to do that then you are definitely not worthy of her at all.

The relationship that I’m in now it’s truly wonderful. There is effort on both sides. There is reciprocation. Which also means that there is balance and peace. And that’s which brings you peace will also bring you happiness.

Life is short. Find those things that matter, things that are priceless and cannot be found in stores. Indeed trust cannot be bought, neither can kindness or empathy, yet life is worthless without them. And you are worth much more.