Short Girl

Wall Street can be incredibly confusing. Especially during a time as volatile as it is now, it may seem very counterintuitive to invest. But sometimes being counterintuitive is the best way to invest after all. Especially when it comes to shorts.

So basically when you short the market, you’re betting that something will fail. All this may seem counterintuitive but maybe things aren’t quite as they seem or sound. Right now the market is so volatile this is the perfect time to take a little risk. But if you have good instincts, is it really a risk?

When you think about it, life is just a series of decisions about risk mitigation. Whether to stay at an old job or take a new offer, whether to stay in your old car or buy a new one, weather today this person or that person. It all comes down to risk.

When you think about it and all the decisions that we make in our life concerning risk with our emotions and well-being, money in the stock market is actually the least thing we have to worry about. Sound counter-intuitive? No it’s really not.

So I shorted the oil Market. It would seem counterintuitive yes, but it’s turned out to be quite a profitable risk. Cleansing oil prices are not good, but I have no doubt that was in a short. Of time the price for rally back to a healthy amount. As the virus lifts and the restrictions are less, the demand for oil will sharply increase, in my opinion. I simply took advantage of a short-term situation.

When it comes to life, love, and money, I’ve never been adverse to risk. I trust my instincts and I go all-in. For me that’s the only way to do it. An even if it turns out bad, at least I’ll have a story to tell and at least I tried. Nothing is worse than regretting something you never did.

Life is short. Live a little, trust your instincts, and take some rest. Trust me it will pay off down the road.

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