The Love of my Life

We all have those moments we realize we are feeling absolute and complete pure Bliss. Where the joy is bubbling up from the tips of our toes and pouring out the tops of our heads. And this is where I find myself today. In the most unlikely times of the pandemic, or anxiety and stress seem to be Paramount, I have found myself call, peaceful, and blissful.

Not too long ago I was filled with worry and anxiety. Started a few years ago before the passing of my parents, and continued on through handling all of the family in a state business. But then after your parents and so many people around you pass away, it seems like and xiety can be a way of life. I think it goes hand-in-hand with grief. That’s one of the many reasons why I wanted to move away from Georgia to the wonderful state of Texas. A new Fresh Start that was a clean fresh slate where I can make my life whatever I wanted.

And there was something so cathartic about Fresh Starts and New Beginnings. I still have the wonderful same support system a beautiful sisters and women in my home state, and they cheer me on from afar. And this morning I realize that I’ve truly made this life exactly what I want it to be, with my cheering section right there behind me.

I have this wonderful home, and a great neighborhood, in an area that I love and enjoy, in a city that I like, in a state that I enjoy living. My career is intact and you opportunities are coming to me daily, I am blessed and not have money being issue, and everything is wonderful in my world. My friends and family are all healthy, which is an incredible blessing. I have a wonderful person in my life who appreciates me and enjoy spending time together. And basically life is wonderful, and I’m ridiculously happy.

But the biggest thing, is that I have finally found peace. There is absolutely no drama in my life. The last bit of drama was left behind a few weeks ago, and since then my heart has been light, and there have been no troubles in my world.

So it is today that I am here, but the love of my life, which is my life. I have fallen in love with my life again, and with life in general. I’ve fallen in love with waking up in the early morning, and having coffee on my back porch. I have fallen in love with snuggling with the kitties, and working hard at deadlines. I’ve fallen in love with making this house a home, and creating a garden that has vegetables to share with my neighbors and Friends. I’ve fallen in love with every part of me, deep down where the Soul Meets the heart. And I have fallen in love with conquering my demons, and they no longer darken my door. I have fallen in love with sleeping peacefully at night, with no troubles on my contents.

Mainly because, all because, I have fallen in love with being happy. I have done the work and I’m dedicated every single day to having a great day. I am dedicated to praying, and meditating, and exercising, and doing the things I need to do to make my dreams come to fruition.

Life is short, too short to be unhappy. Take the risks and create the life that you want. Trust me it’s worth it.

Short Girl

Wall Street can be incredibly confusing. Especially during a time as volatile as it is now, it may seem very counterintuitive to invest. But sometimes being counterintuitive is the best way to invest after all. Especially when it comes to shorts.

So basically when you short the market, you’re betting that something will fail. All this may seem counterintuitive but maybe things aren’t quite as they seem or sound. Right now the market is so volatile this is the perfect time to take a little risk. But if you have good instincts, is it really a risk?

When you think about it, life is just a series of decisions about risk mitigation. Whether to stay at an old job or take a new offer, whether to stay in your old car or buy a new one, weather today this person or that person. It all comes down to risk.

When you think about it and all the decisions that we make in our life concerning risk with our emotions and well-being, money in the stock market is actually the least thing we have to worry about. Sound counter-intuitive? No it’s really not.

So I shorted the oil Market. It would seem counterintuitive yes, but it’s turned out to be quite a profitable risk. Cleansing oil prices are not good, but I have no doubt that was in a short. Of time the price for rally back to a healthy amount. As the virus lifts and the restrictions are less, the demand for oil will sharply increase, in my opinion. I simply took advantage of a short-term situation.

When it comes to life, love, and money, I’ve never been adverse to risk. I trust my instincts and I go all-in. For me that’s the only way to do it. An even if it turns out bad, at least I’ll have a story to tell and at least I tried. Nothing is worse than regretting something you never did.

Life is short. Live a little, trust your instincts, and take some rest. Trust me it will pay off down the road.

Interested Party

Why do you visit here if you don’t want me at all?
Why visit me and go down this Hall?
Why do you read this many times a day,
can you really be interested in what I say?

You said you didn’t want me over and over, and now it seems you look for me now over your shoulder.
Well if you wanted me to stay you shouldn’t have made me go,
but I shouldn’t have to tell you that, you’re old enough to know.

So why do you visit and read these words? why are you so interested in my worlds?
Why are you so curious, what do seek?
Silently reading the screen yet refusing to speak.

Well go on, read If It Makes You Happy,
sometimes I write thoughtful, sometimes sappy.
Maybe your here to try to fill the hole.
Your face lit up while you chew your skoal.

You’ll always think of me because I got in your blood,
And when the memories come, the tears fall like a flood.
Oh yes you’ll look for me in every face and set of eyes,
It echoes and aches, those last goodbyes.

So as you would say it is a public forum, with all that being said there is no decorum. So read, read to your heart’s content
That way you know about what to Lament.

My life is good and wonderful with a great big smile,
Don’t bother asking if you cross my mind every once in awhile.
I do still wonder if you hate me so much, why you come here to read and atill crave my touch.

But to each his own, and we have parted ways.
And yet you’ll still think of me all these days.
Maybe next time you’ll remember to be kinder,
So let this loss now be your reminder.

So read read and drink up the my thoughts, as what you read ties your stomach in knots. And yet a tear down One Cheek Falls,
As you look at your phone to check the calls.

The silence in the night echoes your heart, there’s no getting away from it, no matter how smart.
You can try and try and try even harder,
but that heartache will stay with you no matter what you barter.

Ada – 4/20/2020