Many people have taken this time the catch up on home projects. I guess I know different as I have checked many things off the to-do list. Some say that it is called nesting, a common activity for women where they get their house all clean and organized and in order.

Indeed I have been unpacking and organizing and getting everything situated both inside and outside the house. The garden in the backyard is doing well and I’m ready to start planting flowers. And the house is getting better every day. It takes a certain amount of work and time and determination to make a house a home. It takes putting things exactly where you want them, certain pictures hanging in certain places, memories and laughter to make a house a home. It takes a lot of love to transform a building into a place where you want to be and want to spend your time.

And as the hours drift away, I feel an absolute joy in my heart. I love this place, I love this house, I love my neighbors oh, I love this town and I love being in this state. I am so blissfully happy here in this little home, and this little place that I can call my own. And I’m making this house my own, my own home. A place where I’m always safe and happy and protected.

Indeed this is where dreams will be planned and carried out. This is where laughter will happen. Long conversations, glasses of wine, and good home cooked meals will be eaten. This is the place well I will bear my heart and soul to those I love and who love me best. This is the place for my friends and family and loved ones will come and visit and share. This is the place where my heart will live.

And in these little moments Little Wonders happen. As I sit and organize and fold and clean and make this home my own, I find everything I thought that I had lost Within Me. In The Quiet Moments listening to the rain outside, and in the moments when I have my radio turned on and I’m dancing around the house to my favorite songs. Each second, each moment that passes I find myself more and more. I got deeper with each task and find more layers and more facets of myself that I’d forgotten.

Everything in the kitchen is just where and how I like it. The bathrooms are organized, the pictures are hung and make the room feel nice and warm. My closet is nice and neat and organized, which no doubt won’t last long. The sheets and towels and other linens are folded in the closet and nicely in place. The cupboard is full of cans and a refrigerator and freezer have plenty inside. I am incredibly thankful and blessed to have enough during this time.

And maybe that is why I’m so filled with joy right now. Because I recognize how incredibly blessed I am to be where I am, with the people who love me, in this place. I’m incredibly lucky I’m blessed to have lived through everything that I have seen, I’m incredibly blessed to witness the Miracles that have happened in my life, and I’m incredibly thankful be as happy as I am.

In this life, You can choose to be angry and bitter at the world and that those around you, or you can choose to take a deep breath and shake it off and be happy. I do and always will choose the latter. And as this time continues, I will be nesting and creating a home in my happy little world.

Life is short. If you make this life your own, you can make your life your home.

The Rosary

I gave it to my parents for one of their wedding anniversaries and they had it blessed by our priest. Now it hangs in my bedroom, and it means so much to me. Now I can pray did this rosary just like my parents did for so many years.

There is something so special about keepsakes and heirlooms from your parents, especially when they have religious or spiritual meanings. And this rosary represents so many things to me, most of all the love and devotion my parents aren’t only had to each other, but to their religion and faith in God.

My parents are the ones who taught me that no matter how dark a day gets, no matter how black the night is, you can always pray and God will always give you the strength to survive. They’re the ones who taught me that our lives were not promised to be easy or good or beautiful, but that God did always promise to be there for us to help us through.

They also taught me that God is there in the good times just as much as he is in the bad. They taught me that God wants us to be happy, he wants us to survive and he wants us to thrive. They taught me that the god Delights when we are happy and is delighted when we truly feel joyful.

And today of all days, when I received amazing news, my knees hit the floor and I pray to the Rosary. Because I know that I am blessed and Beyond fortunate. And I know that my parents are watching over me, and I know that my prayers are being answered. After so many years of heartbreak and heartache, God is blessing me more and more everyday I’m making my dreams come true.

Life is short. It is too short to not have faith in something larger than ourselves. Even in the darkest night we are never alone.