A Set Table

I walked in and he was still cooking the last few things that remained left undone. A smile on his face and a kiss on his lips let me know that he was glad to see me. The kitchen smelled delicious and made me even more hungry than I had down on my ride there. A ride that in itself was magnificent on a beautiful day with the windows rolled down and the radio turned up.

And when the table was set it was beautiful. And all this food freshly prepared for me, even food he didn’t like and didn’t eat he had made just for me.

It is sweet and wonderful to date someone who gives as much as they take, if not more. It is truly magnificent to date someone who is delighted to see you, and talk with you, and laugh with you, and see your face light up with smiles. It is a dream to be reminded that not only are you the girl in the relationship, but that you are a woman – a person deserving of effort and consideration.

I’ve dated a lot of men in my life, and I think I have come upon one of the best. And ladies let me tell you, I would much rather date a considerate man, a kind man with a more modest purse, than a wealthy ass. My last ex made in excess of $400,000 per year, and yet was an arrogant, unappreciative ass. He would lament about his “stress” in life, because he had a boss who didn’t thank him for his normal work load.

Ladies, never trade being valued for being bought. There is a high difference. A man who values you will not hurt you, even when he is angry. A man who values you will never manipulate you or insult you. A man who values you will be there for you – without arguments, without suspicion, without games.

Yes money can make things easier, and it can certainly make things a lot more fun, but it can’t buy you happiness. Nor can money guarantee integrity, class, or the respect of others. Those are things that are too expensive to purchase, and can only be earned through honest actions.

Life is short. And the best things in life truly cannot be bought, because they are priceless. Don’t fall for the shiny fools gold, that tarnishes once the surface has worn thin. Go for what’s real. Real gold is valuable because it is the same consistancy throughout.