Little Bitches

When the Little Bitch sends the ex wife to fight his battle and you have to spank them both and send them crying all the way home.

The response:

Dear Wynter, considering you are his ex-wife, you are very misinformed. First of all, who defends a man who assaulted a woman while children are in the house? Furthermore She moved for a promotion and a $30,000 raise at work. That’s a lot of money. I am sure you understand the motivation, since your ex husband pays not only child support, but suppliments your income in other ways as well (according to him), and even supplies you with toilet paper. (If he talks bad about her to you, he is also talking bad about you to her).

She chose her house online and had never actually seen it in person, much less measured the distance to your ex husband’s house. She has many friends in the area and planned to moved to the area 2 years ago, a fact well known to her friends (of which you are not).

Furthermore, millions of people live in the same area/city as their Exs, and it is not an issue. Your ex husband is simply not important enough for it to be an issue or for her to care one way or another. She sincerely wishes he could move on as well.

As far as a bully, your ex assaulted her and left bruises on her. Pictures can and will be uploaded or can be text messaged directly to you at your request. And, in my opinion, any “man” who leaves bruises on a woman deserves far worse than an online tongue lashing. I am sure you would agree if a man did the same to your daughter.

Your ex husband is the one who can’t seem to let go and has begged her on multiple occasions to come over, have dinner, try again, have “bear-goat” conversations, and continue on. He is the one who got upset when she said no more because she had someone else.

And I am sure your ex-husband told you that he paid for her cell phone. You should ask him why. It’s because during the assault, he snatched it out of her hands, threw it across the room where it hit the wall and broke. He didn’t pay for my phone – he replaced it after he threw it and broke it.

My advice to you: Get your facts straight. And encourage your ex to stop drinking almost an entire bottle of vodka per night.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: Don’t come on my blog looking for a fight and be surprised when you get one. And definately don’t seek me out unless you have the correct information. Go back home, and keep doing whatever he says, so he keeps giving you the money, honey. (Better you than me. I can’t live under a man’s thumb like that no matter how much money he has.) BTW, he did all that whike YOUR children where there.

P.S. Wynter, don’t you get tired of being his puppet-for -pay when he pits two women against each other? Women are supposed to cheer and build each other up. Why don’t you step out of the drama and tell him to stuff it instead of fighting his battles? Maybe if you stopped enabling him, and started encouraging him to get help for his drinking, you wouldn’t be fighting any battles at all.

Little Bitch

When your ex (who treated you horribly), spends four months telling you how much he hates you, how much he doesn’t want you, and how horrible out you are, then whines and complains and cries when he finds out you are dating someone else. (And he still visits your blog several times a day)😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

EDIT: since the comment from his ex-wife winter, which can be found by clicking on Comments, I have decided to upload the pictures of the bruises my ex gave me on the night he also grabbed my cell phone out of my hands, threw it across the room where it hit the wall and broke. And I challenge anyone on this forum to defend any man who does that and leaves bruises on a woman.