The Perfect Easter

In a time of confusion, social distancing, isolation, and quarantine, can one possibly have a perfect holiday? Yes oh, absolutely.

First, all my friends and loved ones are healthy, and that is a tremendous blessing in itself any day, especially a holiday. So as soon as I woke up on this wonderful Easter morning I was incredibly thankful for that. Waking up with a thankful heart is the first thing, the first step in the recipe of having a great day whether it’s a holiday or a Tuesday.

The holiday weekend started Saturday afternoon, with a wonderful nap in a big bear of a man’s arms wrapped around me keeping me safe and secure. After that it was a few errands and a run to the grocery store and pizza at home with movies and conversation and laughter and playfulness. There were smiles, and winks, and good food, and sitting outside enjoying the beautiful weather, and eventually coming in to listen to the sound of the rain against the window. Then it was a great night sleep in a comfortable bed, with warm blankets and strong arms.

Morning came, with that thankful hearts and church services online, and a delicious homemade Brunch, and more laughter, and conversation, and smiles, and everything wonderful. It was shopping for and making a child’s Easter basket, and sharing candy and Easter treats. It was praying and observing what this holiday truly means with someone who understands it. It was news, and music, and drum solos and great guitars, and just spending time.

And what there wasn’t was just as wonderful as what there was. Because there were no fights, there was no suspicion, there was no distrust, there was no ugliness, there was no bitterness, there was no arguing, there were no snide comments, there were no backhanded compliments, there were no Jabs, there were no dirty looks, there was no yelling, there is no destruction of personal property, there was no fear, there was nothing negative at all.

That is the most beautiful thing and the most wonderful thing about getting rid of negative people. When you leave a void like that in your life, something must come to fill it. And when you take out all the negative, then you have the space and the time and the energy for everything good and positive and beautiful and wonderful to come in and fill that void. And what a perfect time to celebrate everything wonderful – my favorite holiday of the year. It is the holiday where Jesus died for our sins, it is the holiday that truly shows his grace and unconditional love for us. It is his unending forgiveness of our imperfect Humanity that makes this the holiest of holidays.

And the immense amount of positive things that have happened in the last 48 hours have made this the absolute most perfect Easter.

Life is short. Spend it with those who make you happy and to enjoy just being with you.