Shallow is defined as not having depth, that basically there is nothing past the surface. As we go through life we meet people like this. Most people do have depth and many different facets to them personalities. But then there are others that are just shallow and materialistic all they care about is the money or the big house or the new truck, and the designer clothes, and their image. They Don’t Really Care beyond that. It is my experience that when we entangle with people who are shallow like that, disaster often follows.

In life we also see many people who check certain career and financial goals off their list. Someone who wants to be an executive or CFO for example, they may accomplish these wonderful things but then feel hollow and empty once they do. And I experienced that’s because their existence has only been shallow. Meaning they concentrated on The Superficial and not anything deeper.

Indeed I have known and dated men who have huge houses, and a Mercedes and a new truck sitting in their driveway, lots of toys and musical instruments , a house in the right neighborhood , and everything looking perfect on the outside, when their lives are complete disaster underneath all that facade. What does that mean? It means that they paid attention to everything on the surface but neglected everything with any kind of depth beyond their image.

Indeed I would rather have a smaller home, and a more modest income can only focus on the surface, or be with someone who is so shallow. There is more to life than the big house and the new cars and the toys and the image. And that’s why so many people have substance abuse issues. They have yet to conquer anything below the surface, and those demons they hide from have a way of rising.

The bottom line is, until those people deal with what is below the surface, It Is What Lies Beneath that will destroy them and keep them up at night, deep where the darkness is from which they cannot hide.

And that is why I will never be impressed or swayed by the materials shallow things. That is why I will never look at a large home, or a new car, are all the toys, and feel that that is enough. Because unless there’s something underneath, unless there is more depth to the personality, more depth to the heart, and more depth to the soul none of that means anything. And no matter how how many toys do you accumulate, your life will still feel like an empty shell.

Life is short. Far too short to make your priorities so shallow. Just like the song ask, tell me something, are you trying to fill the void? If you are then maybe it’s time to stop being so shallow.