Love the Wonder of Things

Life is comprised of many different moments and memories. And it in those moments that we will find happiness and fulfillment. The reason why I say this is that if we can find the wonderful, the magic, the reasons to smile in all the little moments and memories in life, then we have truly found the key to living a happy life.

Those little moments happen much more than those big moments and htings.  So find the magic in the every day, the wonderful in the normal, the miracle in the mundane, then nothing can keep us down.

I truly love my life.This place where I am, and doing what I am doing.  But it is all those little moments that make life worth while for me.  Those perfect meals, the favorite song playing, perfect weather or a beautiful sunset.  It is texting with a friend, sharing laughs and stories, late night conversations, making plans, building a life here, in this place. It is getting settled in, unpacked and making this place a home.  It is mowing the yard, drinking a tall cold glass of water, or a good glass of wine.

It is enjoying a good movie or TV show, wrapping up in a favorite blanket on a comfy couch, it is sharing little moments and thoughts. It is making dreams, working hard, playing harder and wanting more, then resting well.

I sat outside tonight and was bursting with thankfulness for this wonderful life. For the beautiful night, for the wine, for my little backyard, and this happy little house of mine. I have everything for which I have wanted and prayed. And that is quite extraordinary.

It is all of those little things combined that make one big happy life.  It is the combination of all of those little moments – that’s the secret to the fountain of youth, because being happy is the way to keep a young heart.

Life is short, take the time to not only notice, but to appreciate and fall in love with those little things in life. Because all those little things add up big time.

By a Yard

It was all grown up, almost a jungle,with thick weeds everywhere and some of them getting waist high.  It was my back yard and it was getting a little scary. Not sure when it was mowed last, certainly not since I moved in.  I was hoping it could wait until I had a yard person that came, but things grow ridiculously fast here. If I waited another few days I was afraid the weeds would take over not only the yard but the house too.

It was time to do was was necessary, would had to be done, regardless of how hard it would be. It was time to mow the back yard. With my little weed eater. Yes, a weed eater. So armed with a string tied to a circular motor, I was went out as the weed slaying mistress that I am, because I had a job to do.

It was hard. A mile of string was probably used int he process, and I saw way too many huge spiders than I ever wanted to see (they say everything is bigger in Texas, apparently that includes the spiders too). Needless to say I will never again go around barefoot in the back yard after seeing those big things lurking under the blades of grass and weeds.

A few hours (yes hours…it was a small weed eater), it was done. The task was complete and I had a wonderful sense of accomplishment. And I was green and covered with grass clippings. I never knew grass and dirt could make you itch that much, and in places I don;t even want to mention.

But at the end, the yard looked great.

And that is the thing about life, even when it looks hard, if we work hard and do what has to be done, we can accomplish whatever we set out minds to.  And for me, it all is about getting things set up here in this new place.  It feels good to have life together, it feels good to me making friends and seeing new places. It feels good to have new experiences that make me smile and laugh and enjoy life. Indeed, lunch with friends this week and a visit to a museum this weekend have me walking on my tiptoes, especially after such a great weekend.

Life is short.  Drink it up, every second, every moment, every smile, every good day. Even when the work is hard, we can enjoy what that work brings. Whether by the mile, by the foot, or by the yard….happiness is coming. So buckle up, it’s going to be a fun ride.