Self Care

We hear the phrase self care all of the time. We know that we must take care of ourselves in order to take care of others. Yet why is it so hard to take the time and rescorcrs to do that?

One of the promises I made to myself when I moved was that I would take care of myself better. I would stop being such a people pleaser and yes person, and I would do things that were truly good for me.

I let myself get run down taking care of everyone else over the last few years. That’s one of the reasons why I wanted to move and get a new start was to create a new healthier habits for myself, self care being one of them. And it is definitely working. Today I took myself out I get my nails done. I’ve been here about a month and have been hard at work unpacking, organizing, getting settled, working, I’m trying to have a social life.

And today I press pause on that busy schedule, walking to the salon, left my cell phone in the car, and enjoyed an hour and a half of pure Bliss and pampering. The result was not so simply pretty nails, I was more relaxed and happy at the end of the session.

And so I make his promise to myself, to do more little things for myself, things that I enjoy. Every single day is a gift, and if we truly treat it like that not only do we appreciate what’s around us, we appreciate ourselves enough be good to ourselves. If everyday is a gift, then we should do the things that we enjoy, because life can change in a second.

And when you think about it it does make sense. There was no better investment you can make in this life than in yourself. Make the investment in your peace of mind, in your health, in your body, and your mental health, and in your own happiness. If you don’t take care of yourself no one else will. And if you don’t love yourself enough to take care of yourself, then no one else will either.

So this week was getting the house in order, and pampering myself. Next week starts the physical exercise and taking classes. And every single day there is thankfulness and gratefulness in my heart for this wonderful life that I have been gifted. Everyday I will show my appreciation by taking care of myself so I can take care of those I love.

Life is short, you cannot pour from an empty cup. So make sure that you take care of yourself and you keep yourself happy that you can make others and those are that you love happy as well. Is taking a long time for me to learn this lesson, and it’s a lesson I will not soon forget.