Close and Begin

Happy girls are the prettiest girls – Audrey Hepburn

This weekend was a celebration of life. It was the close of one and for me it marks the start of another. I could not escape the symbolism and message of this celebration happening on the 3rd anniversary of my father’s death.  And I could not escape the feeling that my parents were smiling saying to me – ” Enough of this sadness. you took care of us and did right  by your family. You life is your now. Use it and have fun. Go and be happy.”

And I am happy, actually blissful.  I am so happy I am walking on my tiptoes again, smiling and skipping around the house. I am actually humming and breaking out into giggles I am so happy.  It has been years since I felt this happy this light, this blissful.

Moving forward will be easy at this point, because the fog of grief has lifted and it is time for the good times to come. I feel it deep within my heart and even my soul. It is a happiness that only comes from being incredibly sad and seeing the darkest parts of life and yourself.  And when you get to the other side, it is your life returned to you. and in that sense, it is magnificent.

And it is a happiness that comes from within, not from anything external.  Because when you are happy with yourself, everything else good that happens just adds to you r bliss. Until life feels like a hot fudge Sunday with lots of fudge and extra whipped cream.

And this is where I am, at peace with the past and happy with myself and in love wih my life.

Life is short. Never take a single day for granted. And hwen you are in that good happy place, be thankful. Because you enjoy life that much more when you appreciate it and those around you.