The Years

A woman I went to high school with lost her sister. And matbe because it is the anniversary of my father’s death amd,my heart is tender, maybe because I have lost a sibling, maybe for a thousand other reason, it brpught me to tears.

And I remember when my last sibling passed, how devestating ot was, a little less than a year ago. You just assume you will grow old with your siblings. Even if you are not close with them, you typically don’t think about a life without them. Everyone knows and accepts they will bury thwir parents. But it is unnatural in every sense for you sibling to suddenly not be there.

And so my heart goes out to her, and everyone who has lost a brother or sister. It is a specific kind of grief, a specific kind of pain.

Be kind to yourself, and be around those who will be supportive. At the time of my last siblings death, my partner was an ass, and instead of being aupportive he sent me money amd insisted I travel to celebrate anl event amd meet his family for the first time. (Dont be that guy, btw)

Take time to heal, take time to be gentle with yourself, and most importantly, tell those you love that you love them. It could be family. A firmed, a lover, an old loce or new love, it doesn’t matter. Tell them. Even if you havent talked to,them,in a while, tell them. Because you know know when the last tume will be, so never take it for granted.

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