Celebrating Mae

She was my favotie Aunt – bright, funny, high spirited and possibly a bit bossy. She had many stories, told great jokes, could drink and hold her own, and loved her Bloomer Droppers. She was my wonderful Aunt Mae.

She passed away in her 90’s shortly before Christmas and this is her service. It is a celebration in every sense. Yes, we are sad tonloose her, but she Lived, really lived. She took chances, had adventures, was independant, did her thing, loved her husband and even got into mischief now and then.

And how many of us can say that we are truly living? That we are taking chances and drinking life’s moments up like a sponge? How many of us are living up to our potential? And I don’t mean salary or career wise, I mean Life wise?

To me this is about celebrating a marvelous lady who celebrated life. Ahe did as she pleased, and that was it. She loved life. She loved her life and she loved her family. And we loved her.

And so I am here, in this place to celebrate her on the 3rd anniversary of my father’s death. And somehow, I think Dad and Aunt Mae just might have planned it that way. To bring the family together, like they always did.

How absolutely perfect. And so I want to truly live, love, and have that full life. I am beyond ready for laughter that swells up from he belly and escapes past lips curled to a smile.

Life is short. Live it up and Celebrate every moment you can. Kiss the girl, but the shoes, take the chance and dance under the stars, or in the kitchen. Or where ever.

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