Lenten Season

It is Ash Wednesday, the time of Lent. Traditionally this is a time of self refection and discipline and every year I give up one thing and take on one or more tasks. IT si a great time to slow down, breathe deep and take everything in. And that is what I am doing.

There has been a lot of change in my life recently – a huge move, cleaning and de-cluttering my life in every way imaginable, cutting people off, getting rid of bad habits, and starting new healthy habits. Exercising more, meditation, prayers and learning more about the practice of Grace (something that can be hard for a feisty red head).

But mainly I am looking forward to a deeper understanding of faith in life. I want to sit still and listen to the voice of God and know the direction he wants me to go.

And I want to celebrate the life he has so generously given me.   But first you must be still and listen, you must look for the signs and be willing to follow.

And that is what this Lenten season means to me this year.

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