3 Years

It’s hard to believe that the third year anniversary is coming up Sunday.  Three years since my wonderful, amazing, adorable, hero father passed away. Hard to believe it has been that long since I have seen him, hugged him heard his voice, or saw his smile.

Last year this anniversary was hard, it had only been 2 years. And it still stung and hurt an unbelievable amount. This year it still hurts, because you never get over losing your parents, but it is different.

I will always miss him, that never stops.  But this year I know he would be proud of me so it is a celebration. It is a celebration of everything good that is happening in my life and everything that is coming up.

I am happy because know he is in a better place, with my Mom. And I am in a better place where I have moved. I am in a better place emotionally, physically and mentally than I have been in years now that I am in a new place and away from toxic people and relationships.

So this anniversary I celebrate my father, his love that he gave me, all that he taught me and my entire family. I celebrate my life as an extension of him, and my Mom. I celebrate all the good that is coming. There will be no tears this year, there will be smiles and laughter and a warmth in my heart.

Dad, I love and miss you every day.  And I know that you would be proud of me and who I have become since you left. Hug Mom for me and I love you both. Thank you for watching over me. Please visit me in my dreams.

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