Falling in Love

There thousands of books out there that talk about falling in love. How to fall in love, when to fall in love, how to get others to fall in love with you. But this kind of falling in love s very different, and something I am thouroughly enjoying. It is falling in love with my live, all over again.

It has been a little while, honestly. Aftr so much loss and strife, I was wondering if it would ever happen again. And then I moved. And then I started looking around and loved where I was again. I love the people, love the weather, love the area, love my house, love the neighbors, love my work and career, love all of it.

And there is a joy that happens when you love your life. A smile that originates from such a deep place when you are happy and fulfilled within yourself. There is a Peace that goes deep down to the bottom of your heart all the way to the tip of your soul when this happens.

My mother taught me that your life is bigger than any one person, any one event. So een when sad things happen, when you love your life and who you are, they do not destroy you. Because you are coming from such a strong centered place that the fundation stays in tact. Your foundation.

It is also true that only those who are miserable are mean to others, something I have been reminded of quite a bit recently. Normal happy people do not go around insulting or trying to hurt or destroy others. Find a person like that and you have found someone who hates themselves and who is miserable, even though they won’t admit it.

If you want to be happy, fall in love with your life. No matter who else is in it, no matter what you are doing, no matter who you are with. Make up your mind to be thankful, to be present, to be humble and to have fun.

And something magic happens when you fall in love with your life. People start falling in love with your life too. That kind of enthusiasm is something that you can’t fake, and when it’s authentic like that, it draws people to you. It draws other positive things and opportunities to you too. So if you’re looking for the good and wonderful in your life, you have to fall in love with your life first. And then all of those things will come to you.

That is what I am doing. I am meeting new people, going to new places, trying new things and having a blast. I am finding every reason to have a good day and finding joy. And I am having the time of my life, falling in love, with my life.

Life is short. Too short to be around miserable to be be a miserable person. Fall in love.

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