Playground Bullies

We are all familiar with children having to deal with bullies in the classroom or on the playground. But what happens when those kids grow up into adult bullies? Well, I have a theory about that. Adult bullies are nothing but cowards.

They pick on those whom they think are weaker and smaller, pushing them around because others are too nice or timid to put them in their place.I have never been that timid. even as a child.When I was a child I complained to my Mom about bullies. Her answer was that I needed to fight back or stop complaining. And she told me that if I fought back, if I didn’t draw blood, then I couldn’t come home. I think she would have loved Texas, as she had a very Texas attitude.

And so I took her advice and learned to be fierce when fighting bullies. I can’t stand them and I have to admit that I actually enjoy putting them in their place. Because I am a very nice, live and let live person, until you continue to bully me.

Everyone has bad days, or even goes through a bad time. But if you continually come after me, I will eventually fight back. And by the time I have had enough and finally stick up for myself, the bully is usually left crying on the sand box.

They should have thought about that before they were a bully and a coward picking on the mild mannered person they assumed was too timid to fight back.

I recently encountered a bully from high school. Yes he was a bully even back then, and hadn’t changed too much, except he gained weight and lost his hair. Too bad he hadn’t matured past high school and was still trying to prove he was the king of the lunch room. He also forgot that men who verbally or emotionally bully women don’t get much sympathy.

Also to throw a temper tantrum because you got rejected romantically is not only immature, but a sign that a Mental Health professional is needed. We all know that rejection hurts and nobody likes it, but when you threatened to sue someone because they don’t like you romantically after you’ve been a huge bully, is a bit ridiculous. Maybe that person should grow up and stop and yanking the pigtails of the girl he likes.

Life is short, too short to deal with cowards and bullies.