The New in the Beginning

After all the anxiety and all of the drama, blood, sweat, tears, hard work and all of the everything…the move is finally done.  My things have been delivered and it is just a matter of unpacking and settling in.

This new chapter in my life has started and it is exciting. New air, new places, new favorites, new everything. Once I stopped limiting myself, that is when my world started opening up, a lesson I will not soon forget.

And now there is making this place a home, warm and comfy, where friends and family feel welcome. A place for new memories and where nothing will harm me.  A safe place, a shelter from the world, called home.

All that I want is right in front of, this empty canvass called life. It can be whatever I would like it to be. I have written extensively that we can build the life that we want if we go after what makes us happy, what makes us feel fulfilled in life. We make our own rules in this life, we decide how we want our lives to be. And for me, this is a new beginning full of every possibility imaginable.

And I feel lighter for the decision.  I am no longer weighed down by those who would hang on for what can be given, no one to take advantage. There are no bad memories here, only the thrill of the unknown and what night be coming next.

This is a decision that was made a few years ago, and I should have acted upon it much sooner than I did.  But fear kept me in place, something I will never allow to happen again. And those friends are not left behind, they traveled with me in my heart and we still text and talk daily.  It is as if they are right there, and they are.

Life is short and time is precious.  Go after what you want to build the life you only dreamed of.  A life well lived and well loved.

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