The New in the Beginning

After all the anxiety and all of the drama, blood, sweat, tears, hard work and all of the everything…the move is finally done.  My things have been delivered and it is just a matter of unpacking and settling in.

This new chapter in my life has started and it is exciting. New air, new places, new favorites, new everything. Once I stopped limiting myself, that is when my world started opening up, a lesson I will not soon forget.

And now there is making this place a home, warm and comfy, where friends and family feel welcome. A place for new memories and where nothing will harm me.  A safe place, a shelter from the world, called home.

All that I want is right in front of, this empty canvass called life. It can be whatever I would like it to be. I have written extensively that we can build the life that we want if we go after what makes us happy, what makes us feel fulfilled in life. We make our own rules in this life, we decide how we want our lives to be. And for me, this is a new beginning full of every possibility imaginable.

And I feel lighter for the decision.  I am no longer weighed down by those who would hang on for what can be given, no one to take advantage. There are no bad memories here, only the thrill of the unknown and what night be coming next.

This is a decision that was made a few years ago, and I should have acted upon it much sooner than I did.  But fear kept me in place, something I will never allow to happen again. And those friends are not left behind, they traveled with me in my heart and we still text and talk daily.  It is as if they are right there, and they are.

Life is short and time is precious.  Go after what you want to build the life you only dreamed of.  A life well lived and well loved.

Yes You Can

We all have those moments were we doubt we can do what needs to be done.  OR those moments where we make a decision then realize that we actually have to do it. And that might be hard and require a lot of us.  But much of what we accomplish in life isn’t easy.  And those things that require a lot of hard work are often worth it.

I recently made a decision in my life, one that required a lot of hard work and quick thinking.  I wasn’t sure if I could do it alone.  But what I didn’t realize is that I was never alone to begin with.  I had those who loved me around and they helped with not only the decision, but making it a reality.

There was a lot of anxiety about it, there was a long drive, there was drama and there was the resolution. And now, looking out across this new space in my life, I am happy and content. The risk, the hard work, the all of it, was worth it.

But change is often precipitated by discomfort and discontent or confusion.  So do not be afraid of those times and feelings.  That is when we grow and learn that which we are truly capable.  Those goals that we didn’t think we could reach, those things we didn’t think we could do, if we stretch, believe, pray and work hard, we can often do them. And it may be easier that you think.

So don’t give up. Don’t limit yourself.  Instead ask yourself what you would do if you weren’t afraid?  What would you do if you didn’t care what other people thought of you?  What would you do?  Then stop making excuses and go after the life that you want.

That is a powerful lesson I learned recently. I had limited myself and what I could do.  And once I made the decision to do what would do if I wasn’t afraid…everything lined up.  Friends went out of their way to help, and support was around every corner.  Every single person was supportive, but to be honest, once I made the decision, it wouldn’t have made a difference anyway, as I am quite stubborn that way.

So never let your life be ruled by your fear or limitations, or other’s opinions.  You make the rules in your life, not them. Every decision you make in life is either based on love or fear.  Those decisions made in love will always be the right ones – love of yourself, love of another, love of your career, love of looking for something more or better in this life.

Life is short.  Always listen to your heart and your gut, because they will never lead you wrong. And believe in yourself above everything else. Because whether you think you can or not, you’re right. So you might as well believe you can. Even if you fail, you tried. And you’ll have some great stories along the way.