Murphy’s Law

We are all familiar with Murphy’s Law about whatever can go wrong, will. I think that is especially true with moves. This move in particular. The movers were to show up in the morning. They call – the wheel has fallen off the trailer and they had to get it fixed. They will be here about 2:30pm.They call again at 2. As it turns out, the second wheel feel off and they had to get that one fixed as well. Now the arrival time is 7pm. They call at 6:30pm, they won’t be there until 8:30…can we reschedule for in the morning?

At some point you just have to laugh. Getting upset and bent out of shape won’t fix anything, so you might at well laugh, shake your head and make the best of the situation.

And so I get another night in my old place. Another night to relax, sleep in my bed, mentally and emotionally prepare for the move, and all that comes with it. And honestly, I guess it could have been worse. At least the third wheel didn’t fall off.

The worst thing is perhaps that I do not have my car and cannot get coffee (the coffee maker is packed). My car is at the new location, and a wonderful person was there for the delivery and took care of things on that end, which is much appreciated. There are people who have helped me and without whom I would not have been able to do this move. He was one of the people and that was one of the more important things that needed to happen. You’re definitely other people who have helped me in a assisted, and I am forever grateful.

Life is short. Make the best of whatever situations you have been given. And then maybe Murphy’s :aw won’t be so bad after all.